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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

talk with the children of death

Many parents wonder whether death is an appropriate subject for playing with the children. Anyway, can also help produce taboos. How to deal with this sensitive issue in family?

Talking about death at home is not very common . Many parents avoid this issue by not cause trauma , confusion or fears to children. However, talk of death during childhood is inevitable if one suffers the loss of a friend or relative.

Children and death

The children have a concept of death a little confusing. Between three and eight, usually live as a temporary phenomenon . From the nine , children are aware of the permanence of death. Many of these children associated with diseases or sleeping, in part because they were not taught by their parents.

In reality, Children already know Death can see it on television, in many stories , cartoons , books ... little by little , with language they can understand , and with feelings and communication , parents should fare explaining this natural phenomenon. Also , make sure to answer your questions.

What do we tell the children?

Talking about death to children should be natural , calm and without drama . Explain to a child that people also have an end, like flowers or animals : stop producing more flowers , to breathe , to move ...

If a family member dies, we may not remain forced to confront the problem . Show the feelings and pain of the family is not a bad thing, but it helps the child understand the concept of death as something we should all go .

Yet very traumatic experiences or indecisive parents , it is wise to talk with a child psychologist .